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The only financial wellness app made with LCMS workers in mind


The full picture of your finances,
all in one place

This app is designed to help you pursue your financial goals by giving you a holistic picture of your finances while guiding you through small steps and by focusing on one goal at a time.

Built for you

Concordia Plans believes that financial wellness should be the goal for all members. With that in mind, we invite you to BeFine. BeFine is the only financial wellness app designed and developed for LCMS workers through extensive research. It’s also been tested by fellow LCMS teachers, pastors, school workers, church admins and made to be more responsive to your unique needs.


Set savings goals for emergencies and track your progress

BeFine identifies how much you can save for a rainy day based on your income and spending habits. It then walks you through setting a savings goal and understanding the steps to achieve it.


Get clarity on your finances with the Wellness Dashboard

View a holistic picture of your finances, all in one place. The dashboard tracks your progress with the Financial Wellness score and shows your current goal, as well as a snapshot of your account balances and recent transactions.


Make a plan to pay down your debt

Whether you’re making minimum payments on a credit card or actively paying off a mortgage, BeFine can provide personalized suggestions to help you feel confident in your path to becoming debt-free. 


Get personalized guidance to build your budget

BeFine can look at your spending habits, income, and your current financial goals to help you build a budget that meets your day to day needs.


See your transactions and track spending over time

In addition to you being able to see where your money is going, BeFine can leverage that data to help you make more informed decisions about your spending habits and provide recommendations for your budget.

Other benefits


Spot gaps in
your insurance coverage

Being ready for an emergency is about more than just what you have in the bank. You can check to see if you’re covered and if there’s any additional coverage to consider.


Stay motivated with actionable alerts and tips

You shouldn’t have to think about your finances 24/7. BeFine can remind you of items, like when bills are due or when you are close to reaching your budget, or even celebrate you when you achieve a goal.


Check to see if you are on track for retirement

BeFine connects to your Vision account, so you can view your CRSP balance, include retirement savings in your financial goals and prepare for life after work.


Committed to privacy and security

BeFine is held to the highest standards of privacy and security. The BeFine app can only view and import account information from linked bank accounts; it never makes changes to your account and never stores or shares personal banking information with your employer or any third party.


Can I include my spouse’s or household’s information?

Yes. You can connect your spouse or other accounts just the same as you can connect your own.

What kinds of accounts can I connect?

Checking, savings, credit cards, mortgages and some loans can all be connected to BeFine electronically. Your employer-provided benefits like health plans and retirement plans like Concordia Retirement Savings Plan and Concordia Retirement Plan are automatically connected. Currently, retirement plans like IRAs that are outside your employer’s offerings, must be entered and updated manually.

What if I can't find my bank in the app?

BeFine uses the trusted financial institution connection tool, Plaid. Plaid is consistently expanding their network, so if you can't find your bank today, it may be added in the future. Don't worry - you can still take advantage of the app now by inputting your account information manually to track your progress against your goals.

What if my spending transaction isn't categorized correctly?

Banks, and the connection service (Plaid) that brings them to you, frequently update the way they categorize spending transactions. When those categorizations change, or just don't match, the transaction may show up in the incorrect category in your budget. To fix this, simply click on the transaction and update the Category. If you would like the app to remember this categorization for all purchases from this vender, check the "Always categorize this company as this category" box.

How do I find a hidden transaction in my budget?

Hidden transactions are still included on the transaction page in the budget. These transactions just aren't counted against your spending for the month. To view transactions, go to the Budget Page and then hit See All next to Recent Transactions. Hidden Transactions will have an icon of an eye with a line through it and will be greyed out. To un-hide a transaction, click on the payment in your budget and then un-check the box next to Hide Transaction.

Why isn't my credit card payment showing up in my budget?

The app automatically hides credit card payments from your budget. The transactions you make on your credit card show up in your budget, so paying off those transactions would be duplicative. If you would like to see your credit card payment included in your budget, click on the payment in your budget and then un-check the box next to Hide Transaction.

How customized is BeFine?

BeFine is customized to reflect the amount of information you add. The more information that is provided, the better BeFine can reflect your circumstances.

Does BeFine advertise or sell any products?

Nope. BeFine never advertises or sells any other products, including our own. We also do not sell or give any user data to any outside entities.

How can I access the BeFine app?

BeFine can be always accessed on-the-go, that means no download is required but downloading the app is the easiest way to access finances on the go. If you are connected to the internet, you can login via the Desktop app or mobile app.

What information can my employer see about my activity within the app?

The Concordia Plans team can see if your account is being used based on your login activity. Any other individual data you enter or any data in your synced accounts is not shared with your employer or benefits provider.


Need Help?

We’re here for you. Whether you have a question on using the app or a question about your personal finances, contact us through one of the options below.


Download from the app store



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