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The innovative financial wellness app designed with church staff in mind.

Your employees are feeling financial stress.

Did you know that financially stressed employees are…

What can you do about this?

Why should you offer BeFine to your employees?

BeFine is built for you. It’s the only financial wellness app designed and developed for church staff through extensive research, including interviews, pilot testing, user testing and ongoing usage surveys. It’s also been tested by fellow teachers, pastors, school workers and church admins to make it more responsive to your unique needs.


BeFine incorporates your benefits plan. This seamless integration brings your employees’ salary, selected insurance plans and retirement plans into the app automatically. Since the information is coming directly from you as the employer, key design and messaging elements are customizable, including the ability to send employee related push notifications through the app for open enrollment and more.


BeFine helps you with rollout and more. Rolling out a new benefits program doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. BeFine can help provide you with marketing materials and access to financial counselors for your employees while providing you with monthly and quarterly reporting so you can see the real impact BeFine is making in your employees’ lives.


BeFine gives no ads, just advice. Financial Wellness is complicated enough without third-party providers trying to sell their latest products, which is why BeFine has no ads.


Give your employees a holistic view of finances – all in one place.

This app is designed to help employees pursue their financial goals by giving them a holistic picture of their finances while guiding them through small steps and focusing on one goal at a time.

Set savings goals for emergencies and track progress.

BeFine identifies how much employees can save for a rainy day based on their income and spending habits. It then walks them through setting a savings goal and understanding the steps to achieve it.


Get personalized guidance to build a budget that employees can actually stick to.

BeFine can look at employees’ spending habits, income and current financial goals to help them build a budget that meets their day-to-day needs.

See transactions and track spending over time.

In addition to being able to see where their money is going, BeFine can leverage that data to help employees make more informed decisions about their spending habits and provide recommendations for their budget.


Get clarity on finances with the Wellness Dashboard.

Employees can view a holistic picture of their finances, all in one place. The dashboard tracks their progress with the Financial Wellness score and shows their current goal, as well as a snapshot of their account balances and recent transactions.

Decide to pay down debt.

Whether employees are making minimum payments on a credit card or actively paying off a mortgage, BeFine can provide personalized suggestions to help employees feel confident in their path to becoming debt-free. 


Spot gaps in insurance coverage.

Being ready for an emergency is about more than just what they have in the bank. Employees can check to see if they’re covered and if there’s any additional coverage to consider, even encouraging them to reach out to their benefits team.

Stay motivated with actionable alerts and tips.

Employees shouldn’t have to think about finances 24/7. BeFine can remind them of items like when bills are due or when they are close to reaching their budget, or even celebrate when they achieve a goal.

Check to see if they are on track for retirement.

BeFine can connect to their employer-provided retirement account, so they can view balance, include retirement savings in their financial goals and prepare for life after work.

Contact us for a demo to find out how BeFine can help with your organization’s unique financial needs.

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